Our Staff | Introduction

Our Staff

Our reputation is our biggest asset! Cathem Eye Hospital only employs the finest consultants and highly qualified staff. This is an absolute criteria. Our consultants are permanently based  to provide excellence and consistency in patient care.

Our people includes a team comprising of consultant ophthalmologists, hospital administrator, optometrists, in addition to a team of highly trained specialist ophthalmic nursing and paramedical staff, who are extremely dedicated to high quality care of our patients.

Consultant Ophthalmologists

Cathem Eye Hospital reputation has been built on the quality of its staff and this tradition of excellence is continued



Are trained professionals who examine eyes, test sight, give advice on visual problems, and prescribe and dispense spectacles or contact lenses. They also recommend other treatments or visual aids where appropriate. They are trained to recognize eye disease, and refer patients to medical practitioners as necessary. Optometrists study at university for six years and participate in a full year of training and supervision before qualifying.