Visual Field Test

An automated test of peripheral visual field in a reproducible and internationally recognized format.

Cataract Biometery

A non-contact measurement of the length of the eye and size / shape of the cornea to calculate the strength of the lens implant needed to correct vision after cataract extraction.


Imaging of the inside of the eye using ultrasound, it is used where the view inside the eye is obscured for whatever reason, or to measure the size of features inside the eye. It is often used in the assessment of diabetic eyes before surgery.

Yag-Laser Capsulotomy

This produces infra-red light impulses which create tiny openings in the targeted tissues through photodistruption. These short bursts of energy are used to treat secondary cataracts and the iris, and some retinal problems in the back of the eye.


Intraocular pressure measurement.

Slit-Lamp Bimicroscopy

This A magnified view of the eye with the aid of a microscope.


This an examination of the drainage angle of the eye.

Binocular Indirect ophthalmoscopy

This examination of the posterior segment of the eye with the aid of accessory lenses:

  • Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)
  • Fundus Florescein Angiography (FFA)
  • Indo Cyanide Green (ICG) Angiography.
  • Ultra Sound Scan